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Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Fiber Optic Patch Cables Direct from Amphenol -- When only the best fiber optic patch cables will work in an installation, Amphenol Cables on Demand has the optical products you need. As the official online arm of Amphenol, our products are manufactured by a firm that is a leader in this industry. With over 25 years experience in the design and manufacture of fiber optic cable assemblies for both harsh and benign environments, Amphenol optical patch cords and connectors are currently in use on space, military, avionics, marine, and network communications applications worldwide. Our assembly personnel are adept at processing a wide variety of fiber termini, including ST, SC, FC, LC, MT-RJ, & MU in Single-Mode and Multimode configurations. When fiber optic patch cables are required, Amphenol delivers the very best.

10-Gigabit Multimode Cables OM3 10-Gigabit Multimode Cables OM3
10-Gigabit Multimode Cables (Aqua OM3) by Amphenol -- Are you considering a network optical backbone upgrade to 10-Gigabit Ethernet? Amphenol OM3 50-Micron (50/125) Laser Optimized Multimode fiber optic patch cables combine scalable 10-Gig performance and backwards compatibility with legacy equipment. Specifically designed for use with VCSEL light sources, our 10GbE patch cables sport an impressive 2000/500 MHz/km bandwidth.

Multimode 50-Micron Cables Multimode 50-Micron Cables
Multimode 50-Micron Cables by Amphenol -- 50-Micron (50/125) OM2 Multimode Fiber (MMF) is rapidly gaining in popularity due to its expanded bandwidth potential over traditional multimode fiber runs. Supporting nearly 3X the bandwidth over twice the distance, 50/125 fiber is recommended for all new premise applications including intra-building connections. When fiber optic band cables are needed that offer more bandwidth than traditional options, this product is one that delivers.

Multimode 62.5-Micron Cables Multimode 62.5-Micron Cables
Multimode 62.5-Micron Cables by Amphenol -- 62.5-Micron (62.5/125) OM1 Multimode Fiber (MMF) has become the standard optical interface of choice for fiber-to-desktop applications, LAN backbones, campus networks, Gigabit Ethernet, media converters, and transceivers. Compatibility with both LED and laser based light sources ensures operation at 500m.

Single-Mode 9-Micron Cables Single-Mode 9-Micron Cables
Single Mode 9-Micron Cables by Amphenol -- Thanks to an inherently small 9.0-Micron (9/125) core diameter, Single Mode Fiber (SMF) provides excellent headroom with minimal signal attenuation. Its near limitless bandwidth easily supports high speed communications standards such as Serial 10-Gigabit Ethernet.

Brocade mSFP LC Cables (OM3) Brocade mSFP LC Cables (OM3)
Specifically designed for Brocade's new FC8-64 port blade, Amphenol mSFP LC (Mini-LC) fiber optic patch cables support higher rack densities via a new miniaturized 5.25mm pitch LC connector. These 50/125 Laser Optimized Multimode Fiber (OM3) patch cords are well suited for 10-Gigabit optical backbones and are available in both mSFP-LC and mSFP-mSFP variants in lengths up to 10m.

Loopback Cables Loopback Cables
Fiber Optic Loopback Cables Available Factory-Direct by Amphenol -- Genuine Amphenol Fiber Optic Loopback Cables provide a simple and effective means of testing the capabilities of your optical networking equipment. Our fiber loopbacks are precision terminated and feature extremely low loss characteristics for transparent operation in the test environment.

MTP / MPO OM3 Patch Cables MTP / MPO OM3 Patch Cables
MTP / MPO Fiber Optic Patch Cables by Amphenol [28% OFF SALE] -- New from Amphenol Cables on Demand. MTP/MPO is the industry standard interconnect solution for high density fiber optic links. All of our MTP/MPO cable assemblies are made with superior 10Gb OM3 50/125 multimode cabling in a standard 12-Fiber Female to Female straight-thru patch cord or in the newly popular 8-Fiber 40Gb QSFP splitter patch cord that splits the MTP/MPO Female connection into (4) Duplex LC connectors -- Perfect for connecting a 40G QSFP/QSFP+ optical transceiver module to (4) separate SFP+ 10G optical transceiver modules.

Brocade mSFP Cables
 High-Density Cable Guide

Cables on Demand is pleased to offer optical patch cords for Brocade's new mSFP "Mini LC" interface. Found on the new FC8-64 Blade, mSFP offers unparalleled optical density. Click to view Brocade's High-Density Cable Guide today. 

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