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CX4 Cables • InfiniBand Cables

CX4 Cables and InfiniBand Cables [28% OFF SALE] -- Buy Factory Direct from Amphenol. Amphenol 10Gb Ethernet CX4, CX4-QSFP & InfiniBand Cables support SDR 10G & DDR 20G data-rates up to 15m thanks to twinaxial SKEWCLEAR cable technology. This tri-shielded parallel pair cable fights pair-to-pair skew, cross-talk, and jitter. When combined with the most reliable connectors in the industry, our CX4/IB products easily exceed the latest 10GBASE-CX4 and DDR InfiniBand standards.

CX4 Cables (10GBASE-CX4) CX4 Cables (10GBASE-CX4)
CX4 Cables (10GBASE-CX4 Cables) by Amphenol Cables on Demand [28% OFF SALE] -- Of the world's 3 leading CX4 Cable manufacturers, only Amphenol CX4 Cables are in-stock and ready to be shipped to you direct from the factory. Our DDR InfiniBand certified CX4 cable assemblies are available in lengths up to 5m (16.4ft) to meet your network, data center, or HPC installation requirements. With the lowest port cost of any rival 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10-GbE) copper cable technology, CX4 cables have quickly become the interface of choice for switches, routers, and high performance computer clusters.

QSFP to CX4 Copper Cables QSFP to CX4 Copper Cables
QSFP to CX4 Copper Cables by Amphenol Cables on Demand [28% OFF SALE] -- Amphenol QSFP to CX4 Cables offer an excellent hybrid cable solution for CX4/InfiniBand and QSFP rated switches, network adapters, and storage arrays. With the rapid shift to 40-Gigabit rated backbones, an intermediate cabling solution is needed between QSFP (40G) and CX4/InfiniBand (10G/20G) gear. Each Amphenol CX4-QSFP copper cable permits auto-negotiation between the two connected devices for optimal network throughput.

InfiniBand Cables InfiniBand Cables
InfiniBand Cables by Amphenol Cables on Demand [28% OFF SALE] -- Amphenol InfiniBand cables are available in SDR 4X InfiniBand (10Gb/s) and DDR 4X InfiniBand (20Gb/s) cable versions for compatibility with a wide variety of InfiniBand enabled switches, routers, HPC clusters, and HD video servers. Every Amphenol InfiniBand cable is 100% compliance tested before shipment and features Amphenol Spectra-Strip SKEWCLEAR wire and Fujitsu Micro-Giga CN SFF-8470 latch connectors.

CX4-CX4 Active Optical Cables CX4-CX4 Active Optical Cables
CX4 to CX4 Active Optical Cables from 3M™ Interconnect Solutions Now In-Stock! Available in lengths ranging from 10m (32.8') to 30m (98.4'), 3M's Active Optical Cables offer the best power consumption in their class and connect between hardware with SFF-8470 ports (CX4/DDR InfiniBand). Please click here to view our entire selection of CX4-CX4 Active Optical Cables.

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